Sexy Feet Model Shows Her Long Legs In High Heels

Nothing says sexy feet model like the color red, and you get plenty of red in this video. This video speaks of the hotness from the short red dress with a plunging neckline that the model is wearing to the red hot high heels. So gear up because you’re about to watch the show to remember! When the video starts, you see the model seated at the edge of the couch with her feet on hardwood floors wearing super sexy high heels. Her dress is so short that you can see the beginning of her thighs and down to her sexy legs. She has amazing french pedicure!

The side view of her plunging neckline dress makes this video even sexier because the dress is hugging her body in all the right ways. You can see the arch of her feet as the heels on her shoes cause her feet to be in a tip-toe position. When the camera starts to roll, she starts swinging her feet from one side to the other while sitting cross-legged the whole time. The camera zooms in to show you a better view of her feet in the red hot high heels, but you can’t help but notice her minidress showing a little more than it should under the couch.

From a zoomed-in view, you can see that the straps of her shoes are bejeweled and sparkly, showing off fresh French manicure on her toenails. She teases the views by unbuckling the straps of her shoes and tapping lightly on the floor. Her long slender hands appear in the frame as she reaches down to caress her feet’ heels softly. We guarantee that you won’t want the video to end because this sexy feet model knows exactly what she’s doing. She knows what you want to see and shows them with outstanding professionalism. So make sure that you watch this video to know what our sexy feet model does with all the hotness in this video.