Sexy Legs And Feet In High Heels. Outdoors Video

We’ve got the perfect video for you for all those foot fetish video enthusiasts. It combines sexy high heels with sexy legs and feet that we are sure you cannot resist watching. The entirety of the video is shot outdoors so you can enjoy the natural landscapes that complement her already beautiful physique. She’s even wearing a short dress adorned with giant flowers that blend naturally well with the backdrop of walls and stairs with moss brewing on them. In this video, the model is wearing shimmery black high heels, which speak elegance in every word. It matches her skater dress that cuts off short at her thighs, showing off the tan and beautiful legs.

The shoes come with an ankle strap that is enough to draw attention to her ankles. The video starts with the model sitting on her side with one leg crossed over the other. She slightly wigglers her feet before she puts on her shimmery shoes and uses her long slender hands and fingers to guide the shoe in place while taking her sweet time in the process.

It only adds to the sensuality of the videos with the pace that she has adopted. The camera then shows the viewers a full frontal view where you can see the model sitting cross-legged, showing just enough thighs to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. She changes the position of her legs by crossing the left leg over the right and the right over the left in a swift motion that accentuates her long legs and nice toes . The focus now goes down to her feet and shoes tilting back and forth and playing with her heels while she caresses her calf and shin with her heels. Throughout the video, she even extends her legs and leans back on her arms to show her sexy legs and feet.