Sexy Toe Tapping In High Heels Pretty Red Toes

Chic, stylish and sexy- who doesn’t like a foot fetish video that includes all these aspects into one? In this 4K video, you will experience the unthinkable with our sexy model showing off her beautiful and curvy physique and doing some sexy toe-tapping moves that will drive you nuts. We start the video with a close-up shot of the model’s feet in strappy black high heels. Her toes are painted a fresh red color that makes them pop on the screen, and you certainly can’t take your eyes off them.

To accentuate the sexiness even further, she has adorned both her ankles with delicate anklets that fall beautifully on her ankles. Of the two anklets, one has seashells on them, while the other is a delicate chain with an intricate design. Both anklets elevate the look of the model’s feet in close view. Now for the fun part! Almost immediately, the model starts showing her feet on the ground, creating a light sound that is satisfying. She turns, tapping her right and left foot while moving her body around slightly. She then turns her whole body around to show us the tapping action from behind. This time, she plants the front of her toes on the ground and moves only her heels, so the tapping sound is more prominent and satisfying.

You can see her heels and the back of her ankles from the back view, which looks incredibly sexy with the anklets. She shows us all sides of her feet by tapping one foot after another and moving around the floor to see every inch of her feet and the sexy toe-tapping for all angles. The model surely knows what she’s doing as she gracefully moves from one direction. The sexy toe movement never stops throughout the video! Just when you think it’s over, she comes back in a pair of new pumps, all black with red soles that look so hot. We are sure this video of sexy feet in high heels will make sure to make your heart flutter and keep you wanting more.